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Daycare Services

Starting the development of music at an early age is key for inspiring the musicians of tomorrow! Day’s Music offers a wide range of music offerings, including on-site music classes with daycare and child care establishments, in fact, we’re already working with BrightPath Kids and Red Deer Montessori to further develop and inspire the next generation of music lovers!

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Most musicians you talk to either say they were surrounded by music at a young age which contributed to them pursuing music, or just always wanted to learn, so they did! Our team is dedicated to inspiring the musicians of tomorrow, and cultivating an atmosphere that is fun and exciting! 

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a sneak peek into what we do!

Red Deer Montessori, recipients of the Red Deer Reader’s Choice Awards in 2020 for Child Care Services, hosted a Christmas Concert featuring our very own Day’s Music teachers for all the parents to attend and sing along!



The kiddo’s and childcare workers have been hard at work rehearsing to put on a concert for all of their family to attend.

how to get started!

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As we continue to grow, so do our service offerings! We’re excited to offer daycare and child care providers with a service that not only adds value to your offerings, but plants the seed of music from a young age! 

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