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what makes the difference?

One string does NOT fit all.


What genre do you typically play?

The style of music you play, and the WAY you play depending if you're lead guitar, rhythm guitar, or otherwise should definitely be considered. If it varies, then consider something that fits the bill, and that works for you!


Still on that tone quest that all musicians seem to always be on?

Consider the tuning your guitar is set to, pick ups, amplifier, and pedals you are using. The material composition, the type of treatment applied to the strings such as coatings can impact the tone you're trying to achieve.

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What style of playing do typically play?

This one is important regardless if you're laying down tasty riffs or chugging along, you might reconsider the thickness of your strings.


How is your guitar typically setup?

How your guitar is setup can dramatically change the result of your playing. A general rule of thumb to follow, is if you play harder keep your action higher to compensate for the raddle of your strings. If you tend to play lighter and more precise then keep your action lower. If you're unsure, our in-house tech can setup your guitar to fit your style.

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d'addario nickel wound xl electric strings

D’Addario XL Nickel electric guitar strings are the “Player’s Choice,” known for delivering a universally appealing and versatile tone, no matter your playing style.

d'addario nyxl electric strings

NY Steel strings are processed in D’Addario’s exclusive wire facility in Farmingdale, New York. Through advanced machinery and processes, their premium high carbon steel delivers unmated stability and superior break resistance.

prs electric strings

PRS Guitar Strings are proudly manufactured in the USA and come in various gauges to compliment your playing style. PRS Strings are the most consistent and highest quality strings made in the world today. The plain strings are drawn through the highest quality dies and the bass strings are computer wound on hex core for comfortable tension and quality tone. 

elixir optiweb electric strings

Elixir® Electric Nickel Plated Steel Strings with OPTIWEB® Coating give you the performance of a natural string — that crisp tone, natural feel and playable grip you know and love—without sacrificing the signature long-lasting tone life of Elixir Strings.

ernie ball slinky cobalt electric strings

Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Guitar Strings provide an extended dynamic range, incredible harmonic response, increased low end, and crisp, clear highs. Cobalt provides a stronger magnetic relationship between pickups and strings than any other alloy previously available. Cobalt Slinky guitar strings are also soft and silky to the touch, making string bending a breeze.

ernie ball paradigm electric strings

Ernie Ball Slinky Paradigm Electric guitar strings provide unprecedented strength and longer life while retaining 100% Slinky tone and feel. Ernie Ball’s industry leading ultra-high strength steel is included in both the wound and plain strings along with a patented reinforcement at the ball end twist of each plain string to provide superior tensile and fatigue strength for strings that lock into tune fast and hold up under the most stressful playing styles and conditions. 
The coupling of Ernie Ball’s Everlast nanotreatment with breakthrough plasma enhanced wrap wire provides added corrosion resistance and reduced accumulation of tone-robbing buildup and debris. Experience the first set of longer lasting strings that are worth playing with all benefits and no compromises.
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