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Twisted Wood is a high-quality brand with strong Canadian roots and a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection. With the incredible popularity of the ukulele, Twisted Wood makes a welcome edition to our amazing ukulele selection. 


Founded in Alberta in 2011, and inspired by Canadian nature, their guitars strives to be a Canadian innovator both environmentally and musically. Twisted Wood Guitars was created by Tom Wolansky, a long time guitar player who always found it difficult to find an instrument that resonated with him. He began by tinkering and customizing musical instruments, bringing them closer and closer to what he felt was right. This led him to manufacture rugged and versatile instruments with appearances as diverse as the Alberta landscape. Headquartered in St. Albert, Alberta, Twisted wood Guitars now offers its customers several Weissenborn guitars, laminate, solid top, and all solid wood ukuleles, as well as many accessories.


Although their guitars are only about a decade old, many artists already stand by their handiwork such as: Jay Sparrow, Pete Lesperance, Ed Ringwald, Mike Turner, Tim Williams, Alfie Smith, Ella Coyes, Current Swell, Douglas John Cameron, Liseth Horsten, Denis Turbide, Matt Potter, and Gary Glewinski



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